The employment office to apply for housing benefit - so proceed correctly before

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The employment office to apply for housing benefit - so proceed correctly before

Rent can be extremely expensive.

When is the labor office on train

The Housing Allowance Act regulates in detail, who and when and to what extent has the right to housing benefit. Housing allowance in this case represents not a charity of the state, there is - if the conditions are met - even a legal right:

  • Everyone who lives in a rented apartment and has problems to pay the rent, has the right to housing benefit. This serves to secure the apartment for rent, for non-payment of rent, the lease could be terminated.
  • Even those who live in a home, and have problems paying the running costs, under certain conditions can apply for housing benefit.
  • To apply for housing benefit, income must be present. But this must not be so high that the rent can be paid, because then housing benefit is of course approved.
  • The housing allowance is normally made to the competent city or county government. The labor office is only responsible if the requester does not receive their own income, but the so-called transfer payments such as unemployment benefit II.

apply for housing allowance

When applying for the housing allowance two situations must be distinguished:

  • All persons receiving an income must file an application for housing benefit in their city or county government.
  • All others receive as unemployment benefits must apply for the Housing at the employment office. Because the transfers must be designed so that herewith the rent could be paid.
  • To get in addition to unemployment benefit housing benefit, the applicant should personally speak with his agent by the employment office. To this personal appointment of the lease should be brought plus a personal financial statement. In this way, the housing allowance can apply easiest.
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