The first slurry of the day - so manage your oatmeal breakfast

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The first slurry of the day - so manage your oatmeal breakfast

Oats - rich in vitamins and minerals

The first nutrient-rich porridge in the morning

  • The first slurry of the day should be a tasty breakfast porridge. This should be in any case of oatmeal.
  • Oatmeal are real all-rounders and include daily if possible - as part of a healthy diet - on the table.
  • Oats contains important fiber and protein, the needs your body for metabolism.
  • There are also 70% of the fats of oats from unsaturated fatty acids, which have a balancing effect on blood cholesterol and blood lipid levels.
  • In addition to vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B9, oats also provides minerals and trace elements - such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, calcium, selenium, iodine and fluoride.
  • Your oatmeal breakfast should be supplemented by meaningful combination with other mineral-rich foods.

Facilities for the oatmeal breakfast

  • Oats are often offered at retail in flake form and is also easy to prepare the first breakfast porridge in this form and enjoy.
  • You can buy pure oatmeal or choose an existing muesli mix with other ingredients.
  • Sensible food with which you can mix your oatmeal are: nuts, fresh or dried fruit (cranberries, raisins, etc.) in all variants, other cereals such as soy flakes, Dinkelpops etc.
  • Mix your oatmeal with skim milk or low-fat yoghurt. They are rich in vitamin B2 and a valuable combination for oats. Vitamin B2 supports the protein and energy metabolism in the body and it is involved in the structure of nerve cells. Vitamin B2 is also important for skin and nails.
  • Sweeten your oatmeal should breakfast with honey. It has more ingredients as sugar, especially enzymes and organic acids.

In this sense: a tasty and energizing start to the day!

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