The garden house roof cover - so take before repairs

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The garden house roof cover - so take before repairs

When garden shed roof cover - no problem! siepmannH / Pixelio

You want to temporarily set and noted that it drips from the ceiling during a sudden downpour in your garden shed. But this is no cause for alarm. You do not have to cover the roof again why. Sometimes smaller leaks can be repaired quickly.

At Garden House repair the roof

  • The roof on your home garden is not always leaking at the point where the dripping water. Therefore, you should first look closely where it is damaged.
  • If it is only a small tear in the roofing felt, it can be sealed with bitumen. You must wait until the roof is completely dried. Then using a brush bitumen to the crack. After a few hours, everything is cured and the repair is done.
  • In large-scale damage, you should nail a new web roofing felt on the roof he prefers. The board has to be always installed from ridge to the eaves. The Lay may begin in no way in the middle. Then rainwater could run under the roofing.

Cover the roof again - how it works

Is the roof of your summer house already leaking at various locations, it pays not usually repair it. In that case, you should cover it completely new.

  • The roofs of gazebos are usually not very large. Therefore, usually only one roll roofing is required.
  • It is recommended to cut the tracks so long that they extend from the eaves over the ridge to the other eave.
  • They cut their way several tracks and start fixing the tiles against the skin neuter wind direction. Prevails in your most westerly wind, so you should start on the east side of the gazebo with laying.
  • The individual sheets should overlap by about 10 cm. They are simply attached with Pappnägeln. The individual nails should thereby have a distance of about 5 cm.

In order to repair the roof of a garden shed or new to stock, you do not need a craftsman to commission. This work can be done in most cases itself.

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