The Icelandic language - an overview

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The Icelandic language - an overview

In picturesque Iceland an equally beautiful as well as difficult language is spoken.

A brief history

If you want to learn a Nordic language, do it with the Icelandic not easy - all you have but the exotic bonus on your side and speak one of the most archaic languages ​​in Europe.

  • Icelandic only of about 300,000 people is spoken - the Icelanders. Outside the island, hardly anyone speaks that language. Those studying Scandinavian studies, comes with the Icelandic contact, can really learn one language but for a longer stay on the island.
  • The Icelandic language belongs to the Germanic language family, here more specifically to the North Germanic. Today Icelandic evolved from Old Norse, which then split into Altwestnordisch (Old Icelandic and Old Norse) and Altostnordisch (Old Danish and Old Swedish). The Icelandic language is Nordic very similar to the old (west) still, in terms of morphology. While today's Danish, Swedish and Norwegian a simpler grammar and morphology exhibit as the German, like English, is Icelandic quite difficult to learn still - imagine you wanted to speak Latin fluently, but with less clear rules, which relates to the membership of the nouns and verbs to the declination or conjugation.
  • The language that today is the Icelandic closest is the Faroese. One could almost say, is here a mixture of Icelandic and Danish.

The pronunciation of the Icelandic

Icelandic probably sounds beautiful and strange at the same time in your ears. Actually makes the language of sounds use, you need to practice first.

  • The Icelandic r is rolled - but not the back of the throat, but forward with the tongue. If you can not pronounce this rolled r, it is practice, practice, practice. Try once sound combinations as vowel + r, which is lighter than pr or similar.
  • Icelandic is one of the few languages ​​that contain unvoiced nasals. This may sound even when you would simply exhale. Practice these sounds by n and m articulate and then simply omit the voice case.
  • Some sounds in Icelandic be präaspiriert. This means that they are "aspirated" in front of the articulation.
  • The Icelandic shows some letters that does not have the German language, but still occur in Old Norse. It involves the þ (Thorn), which is pronounced like an unvoiced th in English, which ð (Eth), a voiced th, and æ that is as pronounced egg. In addition, the vowels can including the y (pronounced i) carry an accent, which in turn changes its sound quality.

To speak the Icelandic language correctly, you need a lot of practice and a lot of patience. The best way to learn this in a language course in the country.

Icelandic grammar - a challenge

In addition to the difficult debate you have to overcome a second hurdle in learning Icelandic: grammar.

  • The Icelandic is a very archaic grammar - similar to ancient languages ​​such as Latin or Greek, you may have learned. The only problem is that you do not want Latin or ancient Greek fluently, but only read or translate - Icelandic but already.
  • The Icelandic language inflected extremely strong. There are diffracted not only nouns, pronouns, verbs and articles, but also number of words and proper names.
  • There are like in English four cases: nominative, genitive, dative and accusative. You must mitlernen with the nouns to which declension they belong. The article also flexes and is appended as certain products directly to the word (Hestur = horse Hesturinn = the horse). The adjectives is by gender, case, and weak / strong declines.
  • The personal pronoun is unusually distinguished in the third person plural between masculine, feminine and neuter. Rein male groups are referred to with the masculine, all-female groups with the feminine and neuter or mixed groups with the neutral personal pronoun. Other pronouns eischließlich the interrogative pronouns inflected.
  • The verbs represent another problem: They are distinguished by weak and strong conjugation, then being further separated by different weak and strong conjugation. In fact, you must mitlernen the correct conjugation for each verb.

If you have not deterred these embodiments, a very interesting and exotic language studies is located in front of you.

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