The mixer tap is leaking - a guide for changing the seals

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The mixer tap is leaking - a guide for changing the seals

Dripping taps nerves.

There are works that should not slide on the back burner it. They fret over again. Do not be afraid to deal with the inner workings of your mixer. It's easier than you might think. If your mixer tap drips, one of the rubber seals is leaking at the water feeds.

A mixer is not magic

  1. Buy in advance at the hardware store a suitable rubber seal. These are usually standardized.
  2. Turn off the supply for the cold and warm water. The device can be found either under the sink or go to the basement and turn there to the shutoff valves.
  3. Open the tap at the mixer tap and check if the water is really off.
  4. You need Wasserpumpenzange. Before you start the pump at the most chrome mixer tap, place a piece of cloth or a piece of rubber in between, so you do not scratch the surface.
  5. Put the water pump pliers with chrome protection at the first big screw.
  6. Rotate the pliers to the left. Screws are always opened anticlockwise.
  7. Once the screw is loosened, you can completely turn up with his hand.
  8. Turn on the second screw.
  9. You can now remove the mixer and see the open water inlet pipes in front of him.

Replace leaky rubber rings

  1. In the mixer look at each black or red rubber seal. Take the seal, if necessary with the help of the tip of a screwdriver out. Most is found before that a small sieve. Remove also the screen.
  2. Replace as you have now removed the mixer, equal to both seals on both watercourses.
  3. Now put a replacement seal to replace the original seal. Put on the screen again.
  4. Keep the mixer again before the supply pipes and screw the large locking screws first by hand loose one at a right-handed.
  5. With the Wasserpumpenzange turn the screws again firmly correct.
  6. Open the water supply and check whether the mixer is still leaking. If this is the case, you must remove the mixer again. Optionally, you fat a rubber gasket with a little water-soluble fat that are in Bauhandel to buy specifically for these purposes.
  7. Make sure that you have the seals used so that they are not tilted and just lie in the thread.
  8. If the mixer now still drops, ask your wife to replace the rubber seals. She probably has more experience with rubber seals.
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