The neighbors bully - what to do in the dispute at the chain-link fence?

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The neighbors bully - what to do in the dispute at the chain-link fence?

Neighbors can be a true test.

Neighbors who constantly bully and complain, are a severe test. If you can not easily escape the situation through a move, you should not be completely ruled by your neighbors bullies your life yet.

Dealing with difficult neighbors

  • Unfortunately, a dispute over the garden fence escalated sometimes. This is already in mind that you unfortunately can not always go out of the way as neighbors. Where escape does not seem possible, therefore, the strategy of the counterattack is unfortunately often tried.
  • Even if you have difficult neighbors who you feel harassed and you bully, you should, however, make every effort not to let the situation escalate further. Because then the dispute at the chain link fence can eventually dominate your entire life.
  • So if you offend your neighbor with any behavior, do not fret it back at a higher level. Search prefer the conversation and tell friendly and factually, in which needs you hurt the behavior of the neighbors.
  • Maybe he parked his car, for example, constantly so that you have problems to get out of your garage. Then you'd better only appeal it before taking him to park his part impossible.

Do not become bully

  • If your neighbors complain constantly, you should not be "entangled" in it.
  • Before you even go verbally "to the barricades" and the communication totally out of hand, tell your neighbors rather businesslike and calm, for what purpose they behave either way.
  • Perhaps continually opens your neighbor, for example, the window in the hallway, and in your home, it attracts terrible draft. Then explain the situation to him and close the window. Perhaps it is a while to open it again. Ring the bell again with him and explain it to him again.
  • If you feel that you can not talk to your neighbors, you will eventually have to consider whether a move but is not the lesser evil.

Neighbors can be a real nuisance. Those who can not move or want, should at least try not to let the situation escalate.

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