The Netherlands - on the beach in North Holland manages the holidays so

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The Netherlands - on the beach in North Holland manages the holidays so

A particularly long beach is on Texel.

Texel has a very long beach

  • A popular holiday destination in the Netherlands is the island of Texel, which is one of the West Frisian Islands and has an area of ​​approximately 600 square kilometers. Thither come from Den Helder by ferry, the need for the crossing at approximately 20 minutes.
  • If you would like to swim, you should see the long sandy beach on the west coast, because this coast is on the open sea. Behind it lies towards an inland dunes, which now is a nature reserve and you can go for a walk or bike ride through the.
  • In contrast, the east coast bordering the Wadden Sea, so it is more suitable for exploring the mudflats. But even there you will find some smaller beaches.
  • Capital of the island is the small town of Den Burg, most tourists but it moves to De Koog on the west coast. There you will find every type of accommodation such as hotels, apartments or campsites.

Other resorts in the north of the Netherlands

  • Another popular tourist resort on the coast of the Netherlands Zandvoort. There you can not only swim, but also surf, sail and operate other types of water. If the weather is not nice enough to go to the beach, there is the Sunparks, a swimming pool of the Center Parcs chain. Alternatively, you can also make a walk through the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park with its large dunes.
  • Near Alkmaar lies the municipality of Bergen, to the seaside resort Bergen aan Zee, Schoorl and Egmond aan Zee are. In all three locations, you will find beautiful sandy beaches backed by dunes. Make from there also a trip to Alkmaar, where in the summer months, every Friday takes place a famous cheese market.
  • However, the Dutch province of North Holland also borders on the IJsselmeer, are located on the picturesque places like Enkhuizen or Hoorn. It is interesting to take a ride on the Houtribdijk middle of the IJsselmeer Lake. This is a narrow dike on which a road passes, which connects the two cities Lelystad and Enkhuizen together.
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