The operation of a heat pump

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The operation of a heat pump

A heat pump can provide comfortable temperatures by geothermal energy.

A heat pump is not as new as you think

  • If you look for a completely different energy than those currently in use, so would you possibly a heat pump in question. Although a heat pump is still an "exotic" among the energy sources, but it works for a long time you familiar principle since.
  • You are in your home can find a home appliance, which is quite close in its operation of a heat pump. Only you are this unit can not make sure to include a heat pump in connection with high value.
  • It is your refrigerator, which operates in approximately corresponding to a heat pump. Only that the active principle with a heat pump operates in the reverse manner.

Operation of the thermal energy generating pump

In a refrigerator cold arises in that the interior heat is extracted and discharged to the outside. After exactly the opposite way a heat pump works. It should finally be achieved with the use of this pump is that your room is supplied with heat. Ergo here the heat is transported from the outside inwards. The necessary thermal energy is usually obtained from the soil.

  • The heat extracted from the ground is received by a, is mounted in a heat exchanger cooling liquid which evaporates after reaching a certain temperature and rises to the top.
  • The volatile now but still cold refrigerant is compressed by a compressor and heated by this process. The result is a hot gas leaving the compressor when it reaches a set temperature.
  • Barely escaped the compressor, the hot gas reaches the condenser, there are its thermal energy to the connected heating system from. The hot water or heating obtained in this way its thermal energy required. During this process, liquefies the hot vapor and exits as heated cooling fluid to the condenser. After it enters the expansion valve.
  • In the expansion valve the refrigerant of the pressure under which it still is, withdrawn abruptly. The re-cooled coolant is again fed from there to the evaporator and the cycle starts over again.
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