The organon model easily explained

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The organon model easily explained

Who talks to whom about what?

The organon model of Karl Bühler describes basic functions of verbal communication. The focus is on the linguistic sign.

The elements of the Organon model

  • In the middle of the Organon model is the linguistic sign. This can be a word or expression.
  • The character is again subdivided. On one hand, the model illustrates the acoustic phenomenon, so the sound waves in the room, which are symbolized by the circle around the Z "characters".
  • On the other hand, it also shows the communication function of the character that has three sides. These three sites are linked to the outside.
  • One side is the transmitter, so the person who says the word or utterance.
  • One side is the receiver, that is, the person listening.
  • On the upper side of the triangle, see "objects and facts" being talked about, so the content of the word or expression.

The relationships of the elements according to Bühler

  • How these elements are now interrelated? The relationships are shown by the parallel lines emanating from the triangle.
  • The speaker uses the linguistic sign, in order to express something. It has for him therefore a function of expression.
  • The receiver or listener is encouraged by this expression to a reaction. This can be an action, it can also be just listening. Therefore, the linguistic sign has an appeal function for him.
  • Finally, the linguistic sign is used to represent a situation or object, so the top line box labeled "representation".

In summary, you can say that the organon model of Karl Bühler schematically illustrates how a person talking to another person about a subject. The statement is divided into its content and its phonetic content, so the sound of the word.

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