The origin of fruit fly - so you avoid even the emergence

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The origin of fruit fly - so you avoid even the emergence

Fruit provides the fruit fly food.

About the origin of the fruit flies

have fruit fly, as its name suggests, a special affinity for fruit and fruit. That's because the females lay their eggs in these. This can be noted minor damage to the shell.

  • Spawning takes no means only in your apartment instead, but usually already out of the box. Therefore, pay attention when buying fruit very sure whether this has rotten spots or whether even floating around about fruit flies.
  • Avoid storing it in addition, in the summer fruit for a long time outside of the refrigerator. Not all potential breeding sites of flies can be seen with the eye. In addition, a putrid body of a fruit fruit fly from outside your home will attract. In the cool of the refrigerator, the larvae can not develop.
  • An origin of fruit fly is often forgotten: The little pests are in fact interested in these open soda bottles, which are in your old glass basket. So you should make, especially in summer that you offer to fly no open bottles.

Other preventive measures against fruit flies

  • If you can find nothing else to fruit flies fall on small splash of tomato sauce on your dresser. Keep the kitchen so scrupulously clean, if you want to prevent an invasion of Drosophilae.
  • Bring your garbage daily in summer down. It may be reasonably ensured that there are in this countless larvae and it is only a matter of time before you open the lid of the trash can and coming across a whole swarm of fruit flies.
  • Places of origin, which are invisible to many directly, are sink and dishwasher. It is not only the dirty dishes themselves, the fruit fly offers food, but also the particulate filter or in the case of the sink of the rarely used second runoff. So let's also here cleanliness prevail.
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