The Pacific Ring of Fire - Informative about a crisis region

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The Pacific Ring of Fire - Informative about a crisis region

The Pacific Ring of Fire is a volcanic area

The Pacific Ring of Fire extends over large distances

  • Starting from the highest volcano (Mount Ruapehu), which rises to 2797 kilometers above New Zealand, the Pacific Ring of Fire draws on the Australian, Eurasian, North American and South American tectonic plates along and thus forms a kind of "border line" to the Pacific tectonic plate. Many island arcs such as the Japanese Ryukyu Islands, the Kuril Islands, Aleutian Islands, Solomon Islands, New Guinea, the Philippines and Mariana, are by their volcanic activities the Pacific Ring of Fire. In the Antarctic, which ultimately still adjoins the Mount Erebus volcano may be mentioned, which measures approximately 3794 meters.
  • The term Pacific Ring of Fire corresponds to a fairly accurate description of the area, since joining in the course of this Continents ring occur volcanoes, geysers and earthquakes intensified. The earth extending from the earth's crust over the upper mantle to the lower mantle to the outer and inner core. Between the crust and the mantle is a kind of "elastic" shell. This is called the lithosphere and can extend up to 210 kilometers deep. Volcanoes on the Pacific Ring of Fire spring two-thirds of the recent period of the lithosphere, called the Holocene. The fluidity of the lithosphere is therefore responsible that the solid mantle altered by volcanic and geyser activity.
  • Earthquakes in the areas around the Pacific Ring of Fire are not uncommon, dragging the earth masses in the lithosphere and prepare for blast holes volcanic eruptions. In general, these earthquakes are composed of pre-, post-, and main quake. Strong earthquake, such as in 2013 in Manila, not only destroy buildings, roads and houses, but also killed 180 people. These natural forces are so powerful that landslides and tsunamis (Erdbebenwoge) may arise.
  • The most powerful earthquake to experience people and animals in the area of ​​the Pacific Ring of Fire. Concomitantly slowly changing the earth's crust, because the strong earthquakes lead to increased volcanic activity, the magma explosive or effusive is transported from the earth to the surface. Explosive volcanic eruptions around the Pacific Ring of Fire form large crater and enter next Gesteinsmassen dangerous gases to the surface. In effusive eruptions (eruption), the gas content is low. Basically flooding during a volcanic eruption lava flows (eruptiertes Magma) the earth's crust and preserve all living and Built.
  • The volcanic activity and earthquakes around the Pacific Ring of Fire alter the continental and oceanic crust. The Ring of Fire is therefore, certainly exposed for years to come, the risk of basic, continental shifts.

In volcanic areas, it lives not only dangerous

  • For the people around the Pacific Ring of Fire life brings great risks but also benefits. The closer an affected continent is colonized, the inevitable, the situation is that many people have to live close to the earthquake and volcanic zone. The volcanic ash supplies the surrounding soil with excellent nutrient, so that the lands are very productive. The magma brings in the form of cooking sources (Geysir), the heated seepage to the surface, which can be transformed by power plants in electricity. Volcanic rock is often used for thermal springs and other healing ways.
  • As a rule, have the people who live in the volcanic plains, adjusted to the risk situation and observe earthquakes and volcanoes, to make predictions can. Active Volcanoes give people therefore some evidence, while a less active volcano more difficult to assess and is therefore dangerous. A volcanic eruption is more than dangerous and buries kilometer far the Earth's crust with lava. In appropriate distance yet exist cities, living humans and animals.
  • Not always successful early evacuation of the territories. Nevertheless, the fascination and usability that emanates the volcanic earth, so great that even large nature reserves arise. Some lava nature reserves known to primeval forests or threatened species use quality of life, because they can live far unchallenged volcano of human settlement by the close.
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