The PSP does not read games more - so you fix the error

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The PSP does not read games more - so you fix the error

If the PSP no games reads. omron / Pixelio

Why the PSP reads any more games?

  • In the PSP a little drive is integrated, which is similar to a CD drive. Here too, the scanning of the media on which the games, movies or other programs are stored, optically.
  • Since the PSP is a portable device, and frequent transport increases the risk that dirt particles get into the device, of course, also increases the danger that the drive could get dirty.
  • Therefore, it may result in read errors also here, whereby the PSP reads any more games. You probably already know the CD or DVD players.
  • As a rule, the easily be remedied by the laser scanner is cleaned with a cotton swab.

To clean the laser of the PSP

  1. First, open the drive of the PSP in order to clean the lens of the laser can.
  2. Then take a cotton swab at hand and carefully clean the lens of the laser. You may be able to use this a little isopropyl alcohol. Then clean the lens first with alcohol and then use then a dry cotton swab to dry the lens.
  3. Also, make sure that the disks for the PSP to be thoroughly cleaned before loading it into the drive.

Reads the PSP, these measures still no games one, so may need to be re-adjusted the laser to again ensure the proper reading of the Games. This procedure is somewhat more complicated, because the device has to be opened for this purpose. Moreover, by this engagement goes out any remaining warranty of your PSP.

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