The volcano Yellowstone - a sleeping giant in the US National Park

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The volcano Yellowstone - a sleeping giant in the US National Park

W._Broemme / Pixelio The Mud Vulcano in Yellowstone National Park

The volcano Yellowstone - Find out more about the Hotspot

Will be discussed during lessons in the school of Yellowstone National Park, the numerous natural wonders are addressed frequently, make their home there. However, under the surface of the park for millions seethes an unruly fire which will one day find his way upward again.

  • The huge amount of magma that is released during an outbreak, is one of the reasons, which is decisive for the powerful potential for destruction of the volcano. Unlike traditional fire-breathing mountains of volcanic Yellowstone has a colossal magma chamber. It is formed when magma accumulates, which can not emerge at the surface. This chamber is located about eight kilometers below the National Park. Their length is between 50 and 60, its width more than 30 and their strength almost ten kilometers. In course of time, such an enormous pressure forms that an eruption huge amounts are released to Lava, while an enormous volcanic crater, a caldera arises.
  • Numerous skeletons of animals that died almost simultaneously in the territory of the national park about ten million years, aroused the interest of scientists. These animals were under a layer of ash over two meters. Since the bones were spread over an area of ​​about 1,500 square kilometers, the chemical compound of the ashes but was identical everywhere, the researchers concluded the existence of a super volcano under Yellowstone National Park.

The possible consequences of a super volcano eruption

Since more than 17 million years of volcanic Yellowstone is already active. Occupied outbreaks took place in front of 2.1 million, against 1.3 million and 640,000 years ago. Would happen in the 21st century an eruption, the consequences would be devastating for primarily the United States, a dramatic effect but would on the whole globe to.

  • Pyroclastic flows and lava with a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius and more would destroy Wyoming. A 640 km long, over 1,000 degrees Celsius hotter magma tube ranges in the west to under Idaho and Montana. These countries could not withstand an outbreak.
  • Full North America would enveloped by a dense cloud of ash that agriculture would collapse, the infrastructure would disappear. Effects would emerge for the global climate, which could cool off drastically.

Scientists are almost certain that the volcano Yellowstone will erupt again someday. But a certain time it can not be predicted. So it is quite possible that the next eruption of super volcano only takes place in several millennia.

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