Theme "fairytale" in kindergarten - design ideas

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Theme "fairytale" in kindergarten - design ideas

Children love fairy tales.

All children love to listen to fairy tales and stories. This is not surprising, because what could be better if you simply take this issue, that is still very broad in kindergarten.

Tales can help children - some facts

  • Long ago, children were read in kindergarten fairy tale. Therefore, it is great when you are doing this as a very special topic in kindergarten, because fairy tales can still so much more than just entertain.
  • Depending on the season you can pick out a special Fairytale theme. The choice is very large, so you will certainly have no trouble finding a suitable theme for your children in kindergarten.
  • Every fairy tale has its own meaning and its meaning. Remember Just to the poor girl in Sterntaler fairy tale. Here, the statement was in this fairy tale that it's nice and important to share.
  • Tales can help children overcome fears and some therapists use tales even actively in their work with children.
  • When you take fairy tale in kindergarten as a subject, so it is especially nice for the kids, if you do not just read it, but they can actively participate. Let the children after the relevant topic always dress appropriately and play the piece Just after.

Healing fairytale theme in kindergarten - the implementation

  1. When in kindergarten special mention a fairy tale, so is this a topic that interested the children. Access a fairy tale or a simple story which addresses the fears of children, and use this to read it to the children.
  2. Decorate the front room with some soft cushions for kindergartners and darken the room slightly. Very nice it looks, if you have put some colorful towels on the floor and light a candle to.
  3. Leave running in the background silent and quiet music and explain to the children now that you read a beautiful story that could fit on the subject tales well.
  4. Read the story out loud and quiet before and also keep hold brief moments to give the children time to process just heard.
  5. According to the story or a fairy tale, you can ask the children how did you feel during the reading aloud, perhaps many a child recognizes in the stories so again.

Fairy tale in kindergarten are a very broad topic. Simply choose a focus out of you is important in the work with the children.

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