ThermaCare heat patch - application for tensions

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ThermaCare heat patch - application for tensions

Thermacare heating patches reduce pain.

How Thermacare Editions function

  • Use a hot water bottle if you have pain? Then you know the relaxing and pain-relieving effect of heat therapy. Unfortunately, the hot water bottle cools rapidly.
  • The Thermacare heating patches are about 40 ° C warm and keep the temperature at least eight hours.
  • The heat of Thermacare heating patches created by a chemical reaction. The Thermacare heating patches contain heat cells, which are filled with iron powder, salt, activated charcoal and a little water. The shell of the heat cells controls the air supply to the heat cells. The chemical reaction of the iron powder with the atmospheric oxygen generates heat, which can be used therapeutically. It takes about 30 minutes until the Thermacare heating pads have reached their temperature.
  • The heat relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation and reduces pain.
  • If the iron powder is used in the heat cells, there is no more heat. The Thermacare heating plaster is applied only once and can be given to use for household waste.

To apply the patch to heat

  1. The Thermacare heating plaster is available in different sizes, for example for use in the neck or back.
  2. By unpacking the Thermacare Wärmepflaster the heat cells are activated.
  3. Pull off the protective paper and stick the Thermacare heating plaster with the dark side directly to the skin of the painful body area.
  4. The Thermacare Wärmepflaster now heated by itself and is so thin that you can wear it discreetly under clothing.
  5. Do not stick the heat patch on open wounds or diseased skin.
  6. Do not use liniments simultaneously with the Thermacare heating plaster.
  7. Do not wear tight clothing or tight belts over the Thermacare heating plaster.
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