They see me rollin ', THEY hatin' - exciting for Meme

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They see me rollin ', THEY hatin' - exciting for Meme

Animals are a popular motif for Chamillionaire memes.

They see me rollin ', THEY hatin' is often used

Internetmemes usually express themselves through images that are provided with an appropriate text. "They see me rollin ', They hatin'" is known in the network in conjunction with two different types of photos. On the one hand are the images of animals or children, which move in an unusual way. Secondly, there are photos of very fat people sitting in wheelchairs or on scooters, which are very popular in America. Translated, the phrase means "you see driving around me, blaspheme." Although called "to hate" literally means "hate", but in the sense of "Hater" is usually used rather than "enemies" or just "blasphemers". In connection with the bizarre photos of this set is very funny - as the animal or the very corpulent man like a gangster would happen. But what about this meme to be and where it comes from exactly?

The backgrounds of Memes

  • The sentence "They see me rollin ', They hatin' 'comes from the single" Ridin' "by Chamillionaire, who appeared of 2006. Chamillionaire is not exceptionally famous rappers, but the song was then at least on the net a big hit.
  • The reason for this is actually the term "rollin '", which occurs in the beat rate described above. 2006 was namely the so-called "Rick Rolling" in. It was an Internet prank in which other people initiated under a pretext on the video "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley.
  • This match falls within the range of trolling, among which in turn useless actions are to be understood in the network, the other simply will only annoy. The relationship between "trolling" and "Rolling" it was finally the Chamillionaires song made so popular.

In summary, you should therefore remember that "They see me rollin ', They hatin'" can also be related to Internett role, which are not very popular. By quirky photos her useless Tun is represented - and the Meme is ready.

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