Three times the Pin entered incorrectly at Vodafone - Help

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Three times the Pin entered incorrectly at Vodafone - Help

Phone unlock after incorrect PIN entry

When the pin has been entered incorrectly three times

  • Who has not ever happened, that he has forgotten his PIN code for the phone or temporarily could not remember. When mobile phone, it is basically so that you can enter the pin three times. Not later than the third time but it should work, otherwise the pin is locked.
  • But then all is not lost, because then you will be prompted to enter your PUK. This you always receive a start, when completing a contract phone or buy a prepaid card, with your contract documents. After entering the Puk, you can choose a new pin, and the phone will work as usual.
  • But but the Puk must be carefully removed. It is easiest, however, if you do not even forget or mistype your Pin. So if you enter your pin wrong, your Vodafone card is blocked for your protection.

So go ahead with Vodafone

Vodafone is the Puk SuperPIN. This is an eight-digit personal identification number, but you need only in an emergency. So even if you have your pin entered incorrectly. You must follow these steps if after incorrect input your Pin Vodafone is locked.

  1. Take the SuperPIN at hand. In order to unlock the pin again.
  2. Turn off the cell phone may again, if not already done.
  3. So enter the SuperPIN when prompted to use mobile phones.
  4. You can then select a new pin. Enter this using the keypad of the phone.
  5. After entering the SuperPIN your card is unlocked again.
  6. Now you can - as usual - again calls with your phone.

I wish you success!

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