Thus, children learn to read the clock - Manual

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Thus, children learn to read the clock - Manual

Children should be able to read the clock. djsulivan / Pixelio

Children must learn to read the clock

It is important that your children learn to read the clock correctly. In a society and a time in which everything depends on the clock, it is imperative that your children must learn at an early age to read the clock. It is not easy to teach the correct reading the time your children, but it can be done with a lot of patience.

  • Obtain a great learning clock for children or a wall clock.
  • The clock should be necessarily equipped with easily adjustable pointers.
  • It is important that on the clock all the numbers from one to twelve are given so that your child can see the direct time.
  • The clock should be equipped with lines or dots for the minutes. So it falls to your children easier to read the correct time.

So your kids learn to read the clock

  • If you teach your children to read the clock, then start with the full hour. Explain to your children that at full hours the big hand is always on the Twelve and thereby indicating the small hand the time.
  • If the big hand on the six, then this indicates the half hour. Is this the little hand for example between the two and the three, tell your children that it is half past two as the big hand has come already halfway up to three o'clock.
  • Glue with adhesive a cross on the clock. A tape goes from the twelve to six, a second one from nine to three. So your children can learn the quarters easier. You explain to your children that it's a quarter after the last full hour, or a quarter to the new hour.
  • Just your children can read the times twenty after the hour and twenty minutes to a full hour.
  • At the highlighted minutes on the dial your children can read the minutes genaune numbers.

And with a little patience, it is not so hard that your children learn to read the clock.

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