Tick ​​control for cats - so protect your cat

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Tick ​​control for cats - so protect your cat

Cats love loafing in such areas.

Suitable tick control for external use

  • A spray with essential oils is a tick, which acts in a natural way. If the basic substance also still consists of Aloe vera, protect and maintain your cat with every puff. Meaningful additions are also coconut oil, lavender oil or clove oil. Very toxic to cats is tea tree oil, so you should pay attention to the ingredients when buying. Of course, you can create a suitable spray itself, but there are also some interesting products on the market.
  • From cdVet there is a special spray especially for cats. It is under the name Insektweg Plus available and does not contain tea tree oil, but Citronella. The Quick Help Spray by LR consists of aloe vera and the age-old remedy Rockrose. This plant is characterized by the fact that so far no side effects have been reported. The spray is titled not as tick control, but works very well against ticks and other parasites.
  • A special tick control is the tic-clip of Anibio. This is a trailer, which is completely non-toxic and water-resistant. Wearing your cat a collar, you can fix it with the attached ring to it. If your cat but wearing safety reasons no tape, you can also attach the roost the trailer.

Tick ​​Protection foam and spot-on drops are natural repellents.

  • Gently massage the cat's foam twice a month against the natural growth direction from back to front into the fur down to the skin. The facial area and damaged skin areas should not be treated. When wet, the effect wears off, however, keep a distance of at least seven days between treatments a.
  • Spot-on drops spotted on the neck skin and tail set. The active ingredient is distributed in the following days over the entire skin surface. The treatment must be repeated every two to four weeks.
  • Tick ​​protection collars are a chemical-pharmaceutical product and the cat be tied around the neck. The active ingredient Dimpylat most commonly used is compatible for healthy animals from the age of twelve weeks. The collars are waterproof and the effectiveness lasts up to five months.

Useful supplementary feed for cats

  • At the pharmacy you can buy Formula Z tablets for cats. It is a preparation that activates the skin's metabolism, a dissuasive smell for ticks, fleas and mites arises. People can not perceive the odor. The vitamin B complex contained therein also helps cats to a beautiful skin and strengthens the nerves.
  • Another natural tick control is garlic. It can be well fed in the form of granules. Various manufacturers offer garlic products for cats, but you should make sure that the product is 100% made of garlic. Garlic changes the odor in cats and also has antibacterial properties.

Why tick control for cats use?

Zeckenmittel successfully combat ticks, those belonging to the arachnids bloodsucker that lurk in the underbrush for prey and are active on occasion. This tick bite often goes unnoticed because ticks both anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory and inject numbing secretions into the wound. As a result, encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain and meninges, and disease can, a bacterial infection occur. Different tick control for cats prevent it gets that far.

What do the tick bite?

Free running cats should during the warmer months examined daily for tick infestation and any ticks are removed using a special tick tweezers with continuous train. Arises within the next three weeks, a circular red discoloration around the injection site, you should consult the vet.

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