Ticket vending machines: German Railway - Notice

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Ticket vending machines: German Railway - Notice

Take the ticket machines.

A ticket machine Deutsche Bahn is almost everywhere and it is also worthwhile, easy to use it themselves, rather than to be served at the counter personally.

How the ticket machine

  • The modern ticket machine reacts like a smartphone touchscreen. So just press lightly with your finger against the screen and thus select all of your options.
  • Right are the coin slot and the card feeder, bottom left, the money is returned in a professional and issued the ticket.
  • Use the category start and finish, you can enter the data of your desired travel directly. Gradually, everything important is retrieved and you can select your ticket.
  • The category "Complete listing" also shows other special offers and group rates. The timetable information shows the timetable and under "Traffic group" you can find the local offers.
  • If you do not find something, use the search under "Help". Fare Info offers the chance again to display the terms and conditions.

Advantages of the machines of the Deutsche Bahn

  • Here you can buy all the tickets without processing fee and have followed the same expression in his hand.
  • It is also possible to pick up pre-ordered tickets at the vending machine.
  • The machines of the Deutsche Bahn are now at all central stations, so you certainly have such a ticket machine nearby.
  • It is possible to choose all sorts of major languages ​​as the default setting.
  • You can pay with coins with banknotes, with the EC and usually with a credit card.
  • If you have a rail card, your links for more comfort are stored. Also you can pay by direct debit.
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