Tighten Schwimmflügel properly - so your children move safely on the beach

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Tighten Schwimmflügel properly - so your children move safely on the beach

Tighten Schwimmflügel properly is simple.

  • The first swimming attempts are often not easy for children and can cause anxiety.
  • To feel safer, water wings are a good start for your children. However, you should note that Schwimmflügel not guarantee protection from drowning. But properly tightened, they can be supportive along with the help of an adult.

Armbands for all ages

  1. Armbands are available for different age groups. Depending on age and vary the wing in size. So check before buying on the packaging after the recommended age group.
  2. If you have the right wing found, you can use them immediately. Tighten the wing your child up to half of the upper arms up.
  3. Make meanwhile that the flat side inwards, thus lies on the skin. The cannula for inflating now located on the outside of the arm.
  4. Now you can inflate the water wings. Blow until the wings are filled with air tight. Now insert the plug into the cannula and test with a few gentle pressure movements, if there is enough air in the wings is.
  5. Also, make sure that the blades are not filled up to burst with air. Similar to an inflated air mattress should be the volume here.
  6. You can also use water wings, which are filled with Styrofoam. This you must not inflate and they can just put on the child, as is the case with the conventional.
  7. Now you can go with the child into the water and try out the swimming aids. Test after a while the air pressure again. Once air has been removed, for blow.
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