Time Difference Calculate - Instructions

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Time Difference Calculate - Instructions

The world has 24 time zones.

Time Difference - a necessary evil

  • In total there are in the world's 24 time zones. This should extend ideally about 7.5 degrees of longitude, but they depend heavily on the national borders. For example, although Russia and Turkey are on many common longitudes, they belong to two different time zones. This practice makes perfect sense way: Imagine for a moment that the problems it brings with it the need to constantly calculate a time shift within the same country.
  • The world time zones are a function of the so-called Coordinated Universal Time, also Coordinated Universal Time or UTC easily named, stated. The Zone Coordinated Universal Time runs over Iceland, United Kingdom, Portugal and Morocco. All areas east of it will specify with UTC + that. West of her with UTC Our Central European Time (CET), for example, the zone just east of UTC and carries therefore the designation UTC + 1.
  • The reason for the international time difference is obvious: The division of the world into time zones based on the course of the sun. As a result of this classification, it is possible that in each time zone at 12 o'clock on light and night at 12pm is dark world. Although it can sometimes be cumbersome and annoying having to calculate time differences, it is clearly a necessary evil.

Calculate the time difference correctly

  • In order to calculate the time difference between two locations correctly, you must of course first of all know what time zone you yourself actually are because. Keep yourself in Germany, so you are, just like in most other countries of the EU, in the Central European Time (CET). It is bounded on the west by Great Britain, Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean, in the east of Finland, Ukraine and Greece.
  • Ask next determine what time zone of the place to which you want to calculate the time difference is. As already said, the zones are oriented mostly to the national borders. Note, however, that larger countries such as the USA or Russia cover several time zones. For an overview of all world time zones on Wikipedia.
  • Now take the westerly your two calculation points and count the time zones that lie between it and the more easterly point. You count with the easterly zone. Then add the number of counted time zones than hour at the time of the westerly zone and you have calculated the point of the eastern local time.
  • Conversely, it works of course if you want to calculate a point of the time difference to a place west of it, just drag from the counted time zones.
  • Let's say, you want to calculate the time difference between Berlin and New York. New York is located in the zone UTC-5, Berlin in the zone UTC + 1. This means that a total of six time zones between the two places are. Therefore, you need to add to the New York time six hours to get the time in Berlin. When in New York is 12 noon, it already is in Berlin 18h.
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