Time work: Application formulate - as you score

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Time work: Application formulate - as you score

A Bewerbug stylishly formulate Pariah / Pixelio

Time work is suitable for all professions and is also in demand by more and more companies. You might find in the way of time working a new permanent job.

Time work and application - general criteria

  • General standards for application shall also, when you write a temporary application. Make sure that you select your materials carefully.
  • For a good application also includes a new passport photo, you should make at a photographer.
  • Copy certificates on a fancy paper and sort the testimonials and references to a specific pattern; For example, in a temporal order.

Specifics of temporary employment application - you present yourself well

  1. Search the Internet and other information sources for reputable employment agencies. You should also consult the after work agency which temporary employment agencies she recommends.
  2. Call in temporary employment agencies and ask in which areas these company deployed its staff. Through a phone call in advance also other things be clarified in advance; For example, as the general terms and conditions are governed.
  3. Call in your resume to the recruiter definitely the area where you want to work.
  4. If available, list occupational achievements of the past and emphasize out what skills you possess.
  5. Use your cover letter active verbs and write positively about yourself. Clarify professional success! Your cover letter should make people curious about you and have an appeal to the personnel responsible.
  6. As time worker you are probably working for several companies, and then only for a limited period of time in most cases. You should be prepared and emphasize in your cover letter that you bring this flexibility. It is best to bring one more example for your flexibility and show that you can work well with different groups of people.

Substantive criteria for a temporary employment application are the same as in a normal application. But you should use the special skills - such as flexibility and teamwork - emphasize. Good luck with your application!

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