Ting White hair gray - how it works

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Ting White hair gray - how it works

Gray hair can look very attractive.

Gray hair is anything but unattractive, because there are already many Hollywood stars who do not hide their gray hair but wear with pride and dignity. But white hair is considered by many more as a sign of age. If you want to drown your white hair turn gray, then you learn how to do it.

makes color White hair best hairdresser

Basically, it is best if you visit a hair salon, and can be discussed in detail here.

  • It will show pictures and hold various strands of hair color sample to your face, so you get an idea of ​​how your white hair will look after the tone or coloring.
  • Your skin color is decisive for which achieves the best effect for gray tones or dyeing.
  • A licensed hairdresser can best judge whether your white hair if a proper coloring must be made suitable for tinting or.
  • White hair is completely missing the color pigment, so is often not recommended to tint, and a coloring in shades of gray is more possible.
  • Also highlights in different shades of gray revitalize the hair and cause a more youthful appearance.

So you can even drown out or turn gray

If you have decided to drown out your white hair at home gray or color, then please follow the steps given on each pack.

  1. A tint is applied after shampooing and left for a certain time in the hair, so that the ink layer of tint can wrap around the hair.
  2. If you rinse your hair after tones, so dry it afterwards with a clean towel carefully.
  3. Then apply a conditioner to towel-dried hair and rinse them if necessary, but some care rinses or balm products are to be left on the hair, it is always mentioned in the package.
  4. A light mousse gives hair additional clamping force, so that the styling, whether blow-dried or placed in curlers, after holding better.
  5. When dyeing white hair in gray you should your hair before not washing, otherwise a slight oil film of the scalp, which can protect against aggressive chemicals, would be washed away.
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