Tips against smoke smell - so is your home fresh again quickly

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Tips against smoke smell - so is your home fresh again quickly

Smoke smell of cigarettes is very unpleasant.

Advice against the smell of cigarette smoke

  • The best remedy for the smell of smoke in the apartment, of course, smoking not only in the apartment. If the smoke but not clear, it can help to ventilate during and after smoking already.
  • One of the many tips in the fight against smoke odor should be vinegar supposedly. Simply enter vinegar either pure or with water in the ratio two-thirds water and one-third vinegar in small bowl or a larger bowl and make this a day, distributed in the apartment. You can also boil the mixture of vinegar and water before shortly.
  • Empty ashtrays They should also be cleaned with vinegar water. The same is true for all smooth surfaces, these should also be wiped thoroughly with water and vinegar.
  • Coffee beans also belong to the tips against smoke odor. Fill several cups with coffee beans and distribute them in the spaces. For the preparation of coffee beans you should then no longer use.
  • In drugstores special anti-tobacco sprays or anti-tobacco fragrance plug available for the socket to remove the annoying smell of smoke out of the apartment. About the effectiveness can also argue but an attempt is worth it.
  • In the car the smell of smoke is just as uncomfortable as in the apartment. In the short term can help Sprays here. Geruchsvertilger for the car to prevent the smell of smoke for a certain time. It is best, of course, not to smoke only in the car.

So you can facilitate the removal of smoke odor

  • Whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipe, the smoke odor ultimately remains the same. No matter what advice you try, against the unpleasant odor you should do always as quickly as possible something. Has he settled only in walls, furniture and the floor, it is very difficult to get him out there again or even accomplish anything against him.
  • If you live in a smoking household, you should set upholstered furniture, where you can pull off the pad and wash. the smell of smoke can be removed only through the washing of the textiles even with curtains and drapes and clothing As with the upholstery. The pure airing in the fresh air brings nothing.
  • When flooring it's best to do without carpeting or similar and lay laminate, parquet or PVC. This can be cleaned moist. The furniture should be as well as washable.
  • For the walls, it should now give color that does not accept the nicotine. Get this regard best by an expert advice.

If all these tips do not really help, probably will remain only a complete renovation and on the occasion, one could indeed equal to quit smoking.

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