Tiramisu for children - two recipes

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Tiramisu for children - two recipes

Tiramisu - tasty for children. Rainer_Sturm / Pixelio

Alcoholic Kids Tiramisu

  1. The ladyfingers set out in a shallow baking dish. In the milk, stir with the 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and thus soak the ladyfingers.
  2. For the cream, stir among the quark still mascarpone and 2 tablespoons of sugar and give them over the ladyfingers.
  3. To get more layers, insert another ladyfingers soaked in the cocoa and cream mass from. The children tiramisu was to end with the cream mass.
  4. Now you have to sprinkle the alcohol-free tiramisu for children only with cocoa powder and infuse for about 10 hours, preferably overnight, in a cold place.

You can also additionally prepare with fruits tiramisu at will your children. If you mascarpone is too high in calories, they can use it even cream cheese.

Banana Tiramisu - so it is tasty for children

  1. First enter depending on your taste and liking of the children of cocoa powder in the milk and mix everything well.
  2. The yolk you foamy with the sugar and then enter the mass added to the mascarpone and stir everything into a smooth cream mass
  3. Enter the cream and the vanilla sugar in a bowl and beat them stiff. Then add the cream stiff to be the cream mass and stir it gently under.
  4. Meanwhile, you can cut the bananas into slices. Now put the sponge fingers into a baking dish and soak them with half of the cocoa.
  5. Now is 1/3 of the cream mass given above and topped with banana slices. Now you redistribute ladyfingers on the cream and sprinkle it again with chocolate milk.
  6. Then re-enter some of the cream (about half), and the remaining banana slices. Finally, spread the remaining cream on the banana and sprinkle it with cocoa powder.
  7. Before eating, you should use the banana tiramisu for children 3 - present 4 hours in the refrigerator cold.
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