Tire mending the car - how it works

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Tire mending the car - how it works

There are several ways the car to patch a tire.

Since it might be possible for you hardly to your tire patch so you can drive it as normal, you should at least know how it is still possible to continue to use its tires as so nothing happened. Of course this can only be done by a tire specialist.

mend a tire in a car is quite possible

  • Of course you have to decide whether you need quick help with a flat tire, or whether you can replace your tires to be examined for the faulty tire from a tire specialist.
  • For emergencies, such as a breakdown on the highway there is a filler, which is pressed by means of a spray through the valve into the tire and the defect closes. However, this only works if the hole is not laterally formed on the tire, as there is no possibility of repair. So it is to drive with this tire to the nearest tire specialist possible for you at a reasonable speed.
  • Today, there are ways to mend the tire on the car without making yourself why the same need to purchase a new one. This should, however, left to a professional.
  • The tire specialist has two ways to patch the tire. On the one hand a piece of rubber is introduced into the defect site and these thereafter vulcanized. On the other hand, a tube is simply pulled into the tire. The latter method is but rarely used. Both types repair only succeed if the hole is not located laterally to the tire. If you do, you must unfortunately dispose of your tires. After successful repair, you can use your tires quite normally, only the runtime is expected to shorten somewhat thereby.
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