Titan - its peculiarities for lay clearly explained

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Titan - its peculiarities for lay clearly explained

Titanium is commonly used for industrial alloys.

The presence of titanium

  • The term titanium describes first a chemical element, which is the transition metals belonging.
  • In public discourse, the metal case is considered valuable and rare. However, this is only partially correct.
  • The rarity is due to problems in the production, not on the actual availability.
  • Although titanium has a percentage very common occurrence within the earth's crust, the deposits are marked only by a low concentration of the respective oxide compounds.
  • Of course, this also has an impact on the price. This is increased by a highly demanding working process again, which is due to the peculiarities of the element.

Special features of the element

  • As an element of the transition metals titanium itself has quite a few special features, such as an increased melting and boiling points, its crystal structure.
  • This high resistance against temperature make processing more expensive.
  • Furthermore, it should be noted that the metal very light and strong and stretchy is also what's in joints with steel - even if the titanium content is only about one hundredth or tenth percent - provides a substantially increased strength.
  • Another good feature of the pure element is the good electrical conductivity and at the same time, the low thermal conductivity and low heat extension.
  • Last is an essential point nor the resistance to call to corrosion. This ensures, just for example, to sea water, and for good applications in areas such as shipping.
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