to cheat without solution - Grisly Manor

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to cheat without solution - Grisly Manor

The solution takes a maximum of one hour. Volker_Röös ___ Rainer_Sturm_ (image portions) / Pixelio

The Secret of Grisly Manor

to cheat without solution - Grisly Manor

  • The free app The Secret of Grisly Manor only works on an Apple iPhone and can be downloaded through the App Store of the manufacturer and installed on the smartphone. The Secret of Grisly Manor is an adventure and puzzle game and you have to solve a lot of puzzles. The game is only available and thus at some places quite difficult in English only.
  • In the game, contact your grandfather a letter and this invites you to his villa. In Manor he wants to show you something very important, so make a direct impact on the way. When you reach the villa, is nothing to be seen by your grandfather. So browse the different rooms of the creepy mansion and have to solve various puzzles. The Secret of Grisly Manor is controlled simply by tapping the screen and offers a total of 18 different rooms.
  • A legal solution of all puzzles in The Secret of Grisly Manor required depending on skill more than an hour. Come to the game, or in a certain mystery not so will give you the following instructions definitely help.

to cheat without solution - Grisly Manor

Solution help and important information on the app

  • You can enter 18 different rooms in The Secret of Grisly Manor to solve puzzles in every room. Sometimes the solution is right at hand, there are also very challenging puzzles, for which you will need a lot of time.
  • You should definitely take any room very close look and search all areas. On objects with which you can interact, you can tap with your finger. To get even the first riddle quickly the key to the front door, because this is located under a loose brick.
  • Take from every room all the items with you that you can tap in The Secret of Grisly Manor. In the first puzzle you collect as a pawn, a goldfish bowl and a list of a painting.
  • In order to open the various doors, you need either the right key or another solution. Often you need to think very well. To come gradually progressing in The Secret of Grisly Manor and enter room by room.
  • The solution for the living room is quite heavy. Consider well the painted picture in the bedroom and then make the figures on the chimney exactly in these directions. You must be very well remember what they have seen.
  • In the attic you find a pattern in a chest. You will need this later to the puzzle in the garden.
  • In secret rooms you'll find the last key and with this you can unlock the basement door. There, the solution takes time because you have to vote the arrows of the three wheels precisely to one another.
  • Have you solved this puzzle, so you can go through the last door and have sent The Secret of Grisly Manor successfully played.

to cheat without solution - Grisly Manor

to cheat without solution - Grisly Manor

to cheat without solution - Grisly Manor

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