to clean leather jacket - so go ahead

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to clean leather jacket - so go ahead

blank leather jackets rarely clean

  • If you are a fan of leather clothing, or for example, motorcycling is one of your hobbies, then hanging in your closet determined some clothes from leather.
  • Of course it is not necessary to clean such outfits weekly. But every now and then, maybe once a year - depending on the frequency of use - is a cleaning very useful and enjoyable.

The transition to professional dry cleaning

  • Cleaning your leather jacket you should perform no circumstances with its own washing machine. Anyone who has ever been caught in the rain with a once beautiful leather jacket - especially in suede pieces - knows how they look after.
  • This leather is particularly ill-suited for cleaning with water! If you want a long time to enjoy it, then bring the piece rather in the dry cleaning. After that, it is like new.

remove single drops itself

  • If you simply want to remove only some spots of the leather jacket and want to clean the jacket so itself, then it is advisable here simply to use a special leather cleaner from a specialist shop. This wear on the soiled area and then remove the dirt by rubbing with a rough cloth or soft brush. Always something cautiously here, so as not to destroy the structure of the leather. Proceed according to instructions before and test before getting the color fastness in dyed leather.
  • It is also advisable if you regularly spray your leather jacket with a cleanser and brush anything. Thus, the jacket remains fresh for longer and does not look so fast worn out.
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