To create your travel costs accounting properly

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To create your travel costs accounting properly

submit travel expenses settlement with the tax return.

Travel costs accounting for journeys between job and home

  • The mileage allowance for employees can make any claims. It does not matter if you ride a bike, bus or car to work. Even pedestrians can make the traveling allowance claims. The only exception is, when dispatching aircraft and taxis.
  • considered for tax purposes include the travel costs with the travel costs.
  • The employer may grant the employee a travel allowance. This is mostly the case when the employee travels the distance between the work and the home to the private car. Even the Commuting allowance is taxable, can however is taxed by the employer. In this case the employee has to pay no social security contributions for the travel allowance.

Settling commuter allowance and allowances for properly

  • Unlike 2007 and 2008, travel expenses for the entire route can be invoked from 2009 again. The trip cost surcharges are again fully taxed and exempted from social security contributions.
  • The traveling allowance for your travel costs accounting is 0.30 Euro per kilometer for a single trip. Through the reduction of the commuter tax to many social security contributions were paid in many cases. A request for a refund of too much sums paid, please contact your health insurance.

The properly listed travel costs accounting helps the employee to a tax refund. Therefore, you should submit a travel costs accounting even with traveling expenses grants from the employer.

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