To make the welder certificate from the employment office

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To make the welder certificate from the employment office

Welder certificate - made possible by assistance from the employment office.

make as unemployed welding notes

Welder tests are standard features of nearly all workers who are active in steel construction.

  • Are you already registered as a customer at the employment office, you have the option, in the form of a periodic training welders tests, also called sweat notes to gain.
  • confirm this welding notes that you are able to perform various welding tasks to standard. To prove your skills one or more test items are made by you, and then examined by a TÜV or DEKRA assessors and evaluated.
  • Depending on the type of examination, the welds are broken or screened with ultrasound. Depending on the test are different materials, welding positions and workpiece shapes required. In order to get financed by the employment office this welding notes, certain prior knowledge must be present. You should have already worked in the steel industry or done a training in this area.
  • Are you z. B. an unemployed locksmith, the employment office will most likely by itself to come to you and propose a development for certified welders. Den with welder bill you have to be taught in solid work easier again.
  • Come from an alien occupation and would like to be trained as welders, you must apply for a full-time course. The correct forms are available from your local employment office advisor.

The employment office also helps professionals

  • If z. B. for years working as a laborer in the steel and want to love, educate at your job, the job center offers several months of evening classes. In these evening classes They are trained step by step to become a certified welder with welding certificate.
  • There are special tests that are not included in the scope of such an evening school measure. Would you like to get funded by the job such an examination, you must prove that your professional future, is significantly improved by this examination. An example: You are working as contract workers and could in a permanent position switch at a major operation, if you have a special welder certificate.
  • There are several ways, but you need to talk with your supervisor at the employment office. If there is a way to help you, the woman or the man is by the employment office show you this.

Do not be afraid to ask at the job, it is your right.

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