Tomato puree - so work the production

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Tomato puree - so work the production

Process only very ripe tomatoes. Kurt F. Domnik / Pixelio

The production of tomato puree

  • For the production of tomato puree, you can skin the tomatoes first, so you have it when passing a little easier. Score the tomatoes crosswise with a knife and pour it then with hot water. After a short time the skin triggers, so you can pull it off easily.
  • To pass the tomatoes, you can use an ordinary sieve through which you squeeze the tomatoes. Something easier way, however, the "fleets Lotte", the official name of food mill. In this appliance, specify your peeled tomatoes and squeeze it through the strainer in the ground, simply by turning the crank.
  • In a bowl with the food mill will catch the passata and can then boil or freeze. If you want, you can add the boiling equal spices for a tomato sauce.
  • Alternatively, you can use a blender, with the mince the tomatoes. Then you should, however, halve the tomatoes beforehand and remove the stem approaches. However, this production method has the disadvantage that you mitpürieren the cores, which will make your passata can be bitter.

make tomatoes preserved by boiling

  • If you want, you can boil the tomatoes as a whole fruit in glass jars. For this you can use a special preserving pot or an ordinary pot.
  • Skins Also in this case, first the tomatoes, then you can add them as a whole, give halved or cut into pieces in a glass jar.
  • Then fill the glass with water up to the top of the glass case should be about two centimeters remain free.
  • Then put on the rubber ring and the cover and close the jars with the clips.
  • In a preserving pot They are aimed at preserving according to the manufacturer, in a conventional pot, cook the tomatoes at 80 ° C about 20 minutes.
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