Top model games - so manage a funny topics Mädchenabend

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Top model games - so manage a funny topics Mädchenabend

Every girl would like to be a model.

Shaping the invitation

  • A top model game night is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Accordingly, an appropriate referral should be formulated. But otherwise the evening begins as already promising.
  • As invitation it is excellent using an image editing program to print the images of the guests on a magazine cover. In the writing on the pages that announce the top issues, write the important data (when, where, etc.).
  • Either you design the cover itself by selecting a solid background, put the picture in front of it and paste on the sides the font or use a template.
  • When evening came, the games begin.

To succeed in a funny Top Model evening with games

  • First of all, should be made up to - which top model is already on unflattering photos or the catwalk? From this it is the first game to be provided. Guests are to make up quickly and without a mirror. Who has got it best has won this game.
  • If you have any reasonably the same dress size, you can provide some things and ask guests to bring itself more things. These should be placed all in a heap. Now running out of time: Within 5 minutes all to simultaneously pick out something and try to be the one who is best styled.
  • Next it comes to photos capture the extravagant poses (eg headstand). The advantage is that you have directly souvenir photos of that evening.
  • Now comes the supreme discipline: The Catwalk! Place a book on your head and walk. The one that can hold the book longest upside down, has won.
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