Torx - advantages and disadvantages of screw head shape

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Torx - advantages and disadvantages of screw head shape

Torx screw - an invention with many advantages.

Torx - this term is a registered trademark and was derived from the English word "torque", which means as much as torque.

Use Torx - these are the advantages

  • Surely you have been annoyed more than slipping the screwdriver when using slotted screws. In particular, the tightening screws are difficult to reach is sometimes a real challenge. Because the more you slip, the more flaws you leave on the screw head. In the worst case the complete screwing becomes impossible and the screw has to be unscrewed with difficulty using a pair of pliers.
  • Torx, however, are relatively non-slip grip. The power transmission of a suitable Torx screwdriver on the screw is distributed by the shape of the aperture uniform, which also allows an easier screwing.
  • At narrow places you do not bother with a mini screwdriver, but can use a suitable Torx wrench which at first glance resembles the small wrenches by IKEA with its bent shape.
  • In areas where you have been better with a manual screwdriver coped, the use of power-saving electric screwdriver is more often possible.

Standard screwdriver will not fit

  • The obligatory question "Phillips or normal?" They will in future have to expand to a third variant, because the heads of Torx screwdrivers are not compatible with normal. Want to work in the future with Torx, you should therefore necessarily define a set of matching tools.
  • Also be sure to get in front of a larger project matching bits for your cordless screwdriver.

Variations in the layout

  • The most significant difference between indoor Torx with the label "T" and external Torx, which are marked with an "E" for "external". The ID has nothing to do with whether you can replace the screws in the indoor or outdoor use, but with the shape of the head. At the T-Torx tool is plugged in, plugged on when the E-Torx contrast.
  • In addition to the normal Torx see now also versions that are more suitable for specialized operations and can not be processed with conventional Torx tools. You must therefore be careful that you buy the right product. These include, for example, Torx Plus screws that are intended more for the professional sector and can be inserted with even higher torque.
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