Touring buy - on what criteria you should look

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Touring buy - on what criteria you should look

Enjoy skiing.

Touring - the different types

  • Touring is not the same touring. Beginners in this area could, in view of the extensive range of skis for trips easily lose heart and prefer to use snowshoes.
  • So there is the rise Tourer. These skis are suitable for recreational skiers who want to explore the mountains from below.
  • Allround Tourer, however, are the perfect skis for ski touring, hiking for recreation and relaxation.
  • You love wild descents and want to walk to the ski anyway? Then the so-called exit Tourer are just right for you.
  • Freeride tourer however guarantee unforgettable descents, foolproof climbs and extended tours.
  • Before you buy your new touring, you should therefore be aware of what you want to do with them priority. Votes are testing with each type. At Skiausleihstationen you can rent and test readily touring skis. To avoid a letdown for which you have spent a lot of money sometimes.

Helpful hints when buying

  • If you prefer the climb, you need ascent Tourer. This touring must be very light, narrow, and maneuverable. So If you are buying these properties. In most cases, is on the skis, for which they are suitable in particular.
  • You want to do with your touring skis and still enjoy a great deal of rest and relaxation? Then you need Allround Tourer. These skis should also be very light and narrow. The agility plays a very large role here.
  • In exit tourers the weight should be slightly higher to get momentum in the downhill. Again, there are: manoeuvrable and narrow is the motto.
  • Freeride tourer must have an excellent exit potential. So you can not be too easy. Even a slightly wider shape is recommended here.
  • The length of your skis you buy according to the formula: height + 10cm.
  • Are you leaving tourer or freerider, your skis should have the length of your body size.
  • The bonds must be easily to the weight when touring ride not to increase unnecessarily.
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