Tracking number is not traceable - what to do?

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Tracking number is not traceable - what to do?

A tracking number is important to track packages.

Why no tracking number is displayed - Reasons

Almost every parcel service offers the ability to track an abandoned package. This is done on the Internet on the homepage of the respective provider by keying the numbers from the receipt of the packet.

  • One reason why your personal tracking number is not traceable could be that your information is still too fresh. Therefore, wait at least 24 hours and try again when your package has been registered at another station.
  • If your order have gone abroad, then the post is no longer responsible from the transgression of your package for this and hence can not offer tracking number more. In other parcel services such as UPS or FedEx, but this is something different. These suppliers offer international tracking numbers.
  • A very simple, but also potential problem with the shipment tracking is a server overload your parcel service. Try your request after some time.
  • A Zahlendreher may be the cause of an unidentifiable tracking number. Enter the number again and step by step.

So you can make do - pay attention to details

  • If you still receive messages, what happened to your mission, then you should contact the recipient and ask in this way, if your package has arrived.
  • It makes sense certainly, the service hotline of the parcel service to contact. Many parcel services offer this service if you can not find through the Internet package. Alternatively, you can also write an e-mail.
  • Also, you can help ensure that your package is delivered quickly and safely to their destination. Write the recipient's name and address is always legible and best in block letters. It lends itself to also print the address and name on the computer.
  • It is also not unheard of that the wrong address was written. Therefore, pay attention to details such as the correct number and the correct zip code. Since parcel services are under enormous time pressure, they can not find the right place and take in the worst case your package again.
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