Traditional communication and their analysis - explanatory notes to the transceiver model

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Traditional communication and their analysis - explanatory notes to the transceiver model

Communication is not always easy.

The name "transceiver model" already that what is at stake in the core. Communication is classically considered a bilateral event in which artifacts can be seen on the way from the sender of a message to the recipient, of course.

A classic model of communication

  • The transceiver model considers communication as a two-sided events: On one side is the sender of a message, on the other side of the receiver.
  • Case the message is sent to the code, which is the transmitter available. This may for example be a specific language. Also, the receiver must be in possession of the code so that it can decrypt the message.
  • Who in French "send" when the recipient of the message do not understand French, the message can not be "decoded", at least not on the linguistic level.
  • However, communication is taking place not only verbally, but also non-verbal. The body language can shed light on the receiver so, what is the content of the message and how it is meant.
  • Then there is the context in which carries out the decoding. Who has a car in France parked illegally and this white, is certainly not believe that a compliment to him is made when talks to him a Frenchman loudly and flailing hands. Even if the code is not available to decrypt the message on the verbal level, is the context information on how the message might be meant.

Extensions of the basic model

  • extentions have been made is the classic model in communication psychology by Friedemann Schulz von Thun.
  • His "Four pages" - or "four-ears" According model can be messages from four sides viewed or sent on four levels - the factual level, the appeal level, the relationship level and the self-revelation level.
  • Communication faults may arise therefore characterized in that the receiver's message on some level "listening" on the sender but they did not sent.
  • Many people listen to mere factual statements example, already an appeal out what to do or make.

In the communication, there may be many disorders. One of the classic models to explain communication, is the transceiver model.

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