Trailers and a maximum authorized speed

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Trailers and a maximum authorized speed

Under certain conditions, you can drive fast with your followers 100km / h.

If your car has a towbar, you can tow a trailer. You must consider the permissible trailer loads for your vehicle and the speed limits.

A trailer is subject to various regulations

The operation of a trailer is attached to different conditions, you should know before you first move in traffic. So it is important that you know the towing capacity of your vehicle. These can be found in the papers.

  • The speed limit on the highway 80 km / h. This applies to highways as well as highways and motorways. City consumption You may not exceed 50 km / h. In general, you of course have to comply with the prescribed speed limits. Under certain conditions, you may 100 km / h driving with the trailer, if this speed is allowed. This applies to highways as well as freeways and highways.
  • The regulations apply to all trailers, regardless of whether you tow a caravan, a trailer load or, for example, a trailer with horses. When transporting horses, you should note that you will only be allowed to transport the old license category 3 or the trailer license BE this, if it is a private drive. For commercial transport you require an additional license for the transport of livestock.

The top speed can be up to 100 km / h

  • A permit for driving at a speed of 100 km / h You can apply to the TÜV. You must show your car and your trailer. In advance you can find out whether your team meets these requirements. Basic conditions are that your trailer is designed for a speed of 100 km / h, and that the tires are not older than six years. Furthermore, the tires must have the Geschwindkeitsindex L and be designed for a speed of 120 km / h. In addition, your vehicle must have an ABS and the total weight must not be more than 3500 kg.
  • Furthermore, there are certain requirements for the mass ratio of the vehicle and trailer. This calculation is based on an index that depends on the type of trailer. A distinction is made between supporters of all kinds and caravans. A general statement to the calculation can not be made because of the TÜV individual details of the vehicle and trailer sets based.
  • In general, you should know that the mass of the trailer usually may not be higher than the mass of the vehicle. The maximum authorized mass of your trailer is indicated in the papers. If you want to determine the mass under load, you have to weigh the trailer. This offer among other TÜV and DEKRA. But also collection points for bulky waste often have a balance.
  • If you tow a caravan, these must be equipped with an anti-sway coupling or another stability system. This ensures that the trailer does not bounce when while driving.
  • Has the TÜV granted approval, you can at a registration office to purchase the appropriate label and stick it on your trailer. The relevant documents, you should perform in the event of control with it.
  • The cost is between 35 and 80 €. TÜV and DEKRA have different rates and it depends on the scope of the investigation at.

When a new car or a new hanger buy, you must consult the TÜV and seek authorization for the maximum speed 100 km / h again. A previously granted approval is always limited only to the respective vehicle in connection with the trailer.

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