train the gluteal muscle properly

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train the gluteal muscle properly

Gluteal muscle training - not only in the gym.

Glute workout with light exercises

To train your buttock muscle properly and avoid injury, you should comply with the description of the exercises accurately.

  1. Lie down with your back on the floor or an exercise mat. The legs are placed hip width. Interlace now his arms behind his head. Make sure that the neck is elongate and the spine is not in the hollow back, but lies flat on the ground.
  2. Ask then the heel of the left foot on your right knee. The lower leg of the right leg should be straight perpendicular to the ground. Tighten now belly and glutes. Raise and lower the pelvis with the sheer strength of 10 to 20 times without the butt on the ground abzusenken.Wechseln then the legs and repeat the whole.
  3. Also helping squats to train the gluteal muscle. Imagine this. With his back against a wall or a closed door Lean back against the wall, you tense the pelvic, abdominal and buttock muscles and go very slowly to its knees.
  4. When forming a right angle between the thigh and leg, hold the tension for a few seconds and then slide the Po using the glutes back up to the stand. Make sure that you are really using the muscles move up and not with swing. The arms are stretched down to the body.
  5. The lunge can strengthen both the thighs and the glutes. Imagine this straight out, legs hip-width apart. The left leg is stretched and stretched parallel to the pelvis backwards. If possible, try to bring the heel to the ground.
  6. The right leg is now stretched forward. Between upper and lower leg, a right angle should emerge. The arms are stretched straight down to the body. Maintain this position for a few seconds with voltage and then switch legs. Overall, 20 to 30 repeat times.
  7. For the next exercise, you lie down again with his back to the ground. The legs are placed hip width and arms lying flat, the side of the body. Also pay attention again to a long neck and that the spine is flat on the ground, with no hollow back.
  8. Tighten again abdominal and buttock muscles and lift the pelvis at. Shortly keep the tension and then let loose again, do not place the pool but from, but repeat the exercise a few times.

Train The butt muscles in everyday life

To train your glutes in everyday life, you can just go about your normal household activities and work out anyway.

  • Example, if you have to climb stairs, take 2 steps at a time and push your body using the glutes upwards. If you live in a house or in an apartment on an upper floor, you have determined at least 10 times a day up and running down and will soon be trained top.
  • Even when cooking or when waiting for the bus, you can use their glutes workout. Tension Simply pelvic and gluteal muscles and hold the tension for 20 seconds. Then let loose again. Repeat the whole several times.
  • Even if you want to not only train your glutes, but all muscles of the body, you can resort to other sports. Even 45 minutes jogging or swimming to train the gluteal muscle with very well. I wish you success!
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