Training contract - content

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Training contract - content

The minimum content of the training contract are required.

The training contract for trainees

The training agreement is concluded between the student and the training company.

  • In each recognized occupation the apprentice and the teacher Mr. must complete by the beginning of training a written training contract. The vocational training contract regulates the Vocational Training Act - short BBiG.
  • must sign the contract the employee responsible for training operations and the trainee. If the apprentice at the beginning of the teaching still a minor, the parent or guardian must agree, in exceptional cases, this may just be a parent or a guardian.

The contents of the contract

For a training contract certain content is mandatory.

  • Definitely in the training contract must contain the names of the parties, the occupation in which the trainee is trained in occupations with several possible disciplines and the relevant field of study, the target and the type of training, the subjects and timing as well as the onset and duration the apprenticeship.
  • Also mandatory are details such as the daily working time, the duration of the trial period and the leave entitlement. The height of the training content must be stated in the contract.
  • About the contents, which are also prescribed, also includes the training, which take place not in teaching, but outside and the conditions that allow a termination of the contract.
  • Contractual terms that deviate to the detriment of the trainees from the provisions laid down in the Vocational Training Act or are contrary to the purpose of education should not be included in the contract.

If changes in the key content, must the training company the Chamber seised, for example, the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce, show.

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