Training Plan for 10 km - so manages the running program as a beginner

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Training Plan for 10 km - so manages the running program as a beginner

The training is intended to be fun.

A training plan for 10 kilometer there is a long-term undertaking. To achieve this goal as a beginner, you should schedule a lot of time.

The training plan for the first few weeks

  1. Pick a sports field. There corresponds to a round of generally 400 m. For smaller or larger sports courts ask the groundsman to the number of meters. Alternatively, you can use a pedometer. To have your progress better view.
  2. Your weekly training always takes place in 3 days, so your body has enough time to adjust to the new challenge, build muscle and regenerate.
  3. Walk to 3 days for 10 minutes each, very slowly in the first week. Should you this requirement may be too high, go in between every few minutes and set the next step only if you hold 10 minutes of slow running loose.
  4. In the second week you run the first day again 10 minutes slowly and increase the second and third training time by 5 minutes.

run is 10 km away

  1. In the third week, you run on the first two days of training 15 minutes slow and on the last day of training 20 minutes slow. If you also count the laps, you will see how many kilometers you already hold.
  2. The fourth week will remain constant while running. On all three training days run loose and slowly 20 minutes.
  3. In the next 4 weeks you increase your target to 30 minutes of slow walking. To do this exercise in week 5-7 respectively 2 x 20 minutes, and on the third day of the race 25 minutes. In the eighth week then 2 x 20 minutes to run and the last day is intended for 30 minutes. You have reached 5 km away.

On this basis, you continue your training plan. You pick up the pace, and if you hold loosely the time. To create your own discretion soon the 10km. I wish you success!

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