Transfer from Germany to Austria - Informative

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Transfer from Germany to Austria - Informative

A transfer from Germany to Austria can cause you online.

automatic transfer to Austria via Internet Banking

  • You can carry out the transfer from Germany to Austria, when you first log in to your bank. To do so, enter the user name and password. Select "transfer" option.
  • You can decide whether you wish to place a domestic, a euro or a foreign payment. Austria is part of the EU, therefore, select the Euro-payment. then you need the IBAN and the SWIFT BIC code of the recipient.
  • IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number and SWIFT BIC indicates the Bank Identifier Code. These numbers simplify payments to other European countries and have been negotiated in international agreements. Irregularities in the conduct of payments to be reduced thereby. The IBAN here is the international bank account number and the SWIFT CODE refers to the business identifier code. You need this information to instruct the payment.

IBAN and SWIFT BIC for payments from Germany

  • Anyone who wants to make a transfer from Germany to Austria, applies best to his bank to ask for the IBAN and the BIC code. You can often see this information in your online account. Look to this, the "account information" option.
  • Another way to find out this information, there to watch a bank statement. There, these numbers are included. You can also contact the service of your bank. Each agent is able to help you quickly on the issue.
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