Transfusionsrefraktär - Informative

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Transfusionsrefraktär - Informative

Is a blood transfusion unusable, call physicians this transfusionsrefraktär.

What transfusionsrefraktär means

Refractory comes from the Latin "refrangere". It means to stop or abort.

  • Do you want to interpret the word transfusionsrefraktär, it is figuratively the Cancel or cessation of blood transfusion. But it means nothing else than that transfusion is not useful.
  • The word "useless" is aimed at patients who are not sensitive to the blood of the donor. Your body responds refractory to the blood transfusion.
  • An example: If you receive a blood transfusion, because you through a disease platelets (blood clotting) is missing, there is a possibility that your organism for some reason does not take the platelets. For example, your organism not form corresponding antibodies.
  • For example, if leukemia patients treated, so that reduce the leukemia cells and the treatment does not strike, call physicians this refractory treatment. This therapy does not strike.

Transfusionsrefraktär means simply, that the transfusion to the patient will be canceled because it is useless.

The blood transfusion in medicine

  • Get a blood transfusion, you get blood fed into the vein. Where the recipient of a stranger's blood, experts call this foreign blood. The autologous blood donation or autotransfusion is often carried out by people who stand before elective surgery.
  • Important when blood transfusion is the so-called blood group compatibility. If the blood types do not match, say experts "transfusionsrefraktär" also.
  • This means that not only must match the blood types, but also the Rhesus factor (blood group characteristic of human blood).
  • Do not match things, a life-threatening immune reaction to the blood is possible.
  • As a rule, today no so-called whole blood transfusions longer be performed because the blood is separated into various components. That may be, among other leukocytes (white blood cells of the immune system) or platelets (blood clotting).

If these items are not accepted by your body, this is also called "transfusionsrefraktär".

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