transporting plasma - how it works with plasma TVs

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transporting plasma - how it works with plasma TVs

Plasma TV for the TV room

Plasma televisions are sophisticated technical equipment. Because of its picture and sound quality, they are appreciated by many customers. However, high-quality technology (plasma) is also sensitive.

transporting plasma television well packaged and upright

When transporting a plasma TV or someone designate, to consider how:

  • For things that are equipped with glass parts, caution is always appropriate. Attention is here, so to speak, the mother of wisdom. With the thought, it'll be all right, you can be right. Otherwise, your plasma TV is only scrap or need an expensive repair.
  • But a repaired device usually has not the same value as one that can be called a factory and in perfect condition. This is the same as if you want to sell a car accident. Again you use is ultimately the best repair anything.
  • Actually, it goes without saying that you can not transport devices with a glass front, or a display on or DER same lying. You still have the opportunity to take advantage of the stable side parts and the lower part.
  • Before damage when transporting effectively protects good packaging. Do not trust this, you still take out transport insurance. If you move, you can back up all your stuff well.

Special coatings on glass display must not be damaged

  • If you can access the original packaging for transporting, which is optimal. But even with a cardboard box in a similar size and sufficient foam can establish a secure packaging.
  • The transport in the vertical position will help you in a plasma TV manufacturers recommended but not required in any case. In original packaging, you can start from an approved method. If you tinker a package itself, you can see from the fact that your plasma is transported horizontally, lying on front.
  • When moving the PDP horizontally, but it does not come for various liquids leaking. A possible damage of the display is the main reason. In the plasma TV, the glass sheet is also specially coated. Damage to the coating may result in leakage of radiation.

Security offer some manufacturers, if you see a new plasma TV is supplied. On the transport packaging is a kind of transport safety (the small glass pen filled with white liquid). Only at an optimum vibration-free transport of the glass pin remains white.

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