travel Maldives in the summer? - Information and Travel Advice

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travel Maldives in the summer?  - Information and Travel Advice

Beaches can be found in the Maldives guarantees.

Provisions of the Maldives, which apply not only in summer

Many things are not allowed in the Maldives, so you should be well informed before your summer holiday.

  • Since the Maldives are a strictly directed by the Islam country, nudism is not allowed. Also, women are not allowed to lie without bikini top at the beach. Since this is an official ban, also heavy penalties for non-compliance with this rule are stated.
  • The possession of drugs is prohibited, here the penalties are set very high.
  • The import and possession of alcohol are also prohibited. The islands on which the hotels were built, however, permitted to serve alcohol to guests.
  • Who wants to go fishing must abide by special provisions. In the Maldives fishing with harpoons and rod is not allowed. With some providers, you may come at a deep sea fishing trip.
  • Most Hotel islands are not built for disabled people. That is, few have paved paths or disabled facilities.
  • Pets allowed you to take only with a special permit to the Maldives.
  • To enter the Maldives, a passport that is at least 6 months longer valid, than one would ever stay in the country is sufficient. Additional precautions need not meet travelers coming from Europe. Since customs regulations are very strict, should be abandoned in the importation of drugs, pornographic literature, animals, pork and alcohol.
  • Many hotels in the Maldives are also not particularly well to children, so you should also be well informed in the travel agency and seek advice.

This awaits travelers in the summer in the Maldives

  • If you during the German summer traveling to the Maldives, you will notice that the main holiday period is already over there. The best time to travel to the Maldives is between December to April because then there is summer.
  • During the months of June to August can happen that one witnessed by the south-west monsoon violent storms and rainfall. However, this is normal in the tropical countries. Rainfall is usually short and very strong. Days when it rains through completely, however, are very rare.
  • The time difference in summer is our time 3 hours. Since some islands are located in a different time zone, there may be deviations here.
  • Anyone traveling to the Maldives in the summer (May to October), must reckon with more than 4-6 hours of sun a day. In the wettest months of June and July, you can expect less sun hours.
  • Despite the short time sun vacationers should think about adequate sun protection, as the sun shorter but still very intense seems.
  • In our summer months, it has in the Maldives despite low season still an average of 30 degrees Celsius.

The Maldives is a dream destination. Grade divers and sun-seeking people come here their money and who adheres to the prevailing regulations, can spend a very nice holiday there.

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