treat cradle cap in adults

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treat cradle cap in adults

A cradle cap may itch, but need not.

Do you suffer from a scaly skin covering on the scalp? Then it could be to cradle cap. This has not always itch, but it is annoying that the shed naturally settle on your shoulders. In adults, the phenomenon is relatively easy to treat.

Where does cradle cap?

  • Cradle cap may in adults have different causes. So it can be triggered by stress. Lets after stress, it usually disappears again by itself.
  • Excessive sebum production can cause it too. Often this is due to an excess of testosterone. In this case, that should be clarified by a doctor.
  • A yeast may also be to blame. Yeasts are in the human body normally, but they get out of hand, you can also trigger a yeast on the scalp.

Thus, adults can be treated

  • The doctor will usually recommend to use a mild baby shampoo, as this does not irritate the scalp that. He will also advise you to treat the place in the evening with olive oil. This replaces the scab and hydrates the skin.
  • It may be that he recommends a shampoo with salicylic acid. The latter solves the scales from the skin, but is not recommended for sensitive skin, because they can also be very irritating.
  • Try to refrain from many different styling products, as they can dry the skin; It was the same with hot styling appliances. Occasionally other hand is not objection, but they should not be so frequently used.

Cradle cap can usually be treated with simple things in the adult. but he does not go away, the physician must resort to harsher agents such as medical solutions.

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