treat genital warts properly - how it works

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treat genital warts properly - how it works

Intimate warts are contagious.

Intimate warts are usually transmitted. Do you have those, you will want this to be quickly release. They do not look nice, interfering mostly because they rub against the underwear, and are also still contagious. Since the genital area is sensitive, you should never even try the intimate warts to remove, especially not with remedies that you can dab on the wart! Go to a dermatologist, he can help you.

Intimate warts have to be removed

  • To remove the genital warts there are various possibilities, depending on the location and quantity of warts, the doctor must decide which options are available.
  • Very effective is the icing of genital warts. Mostly for nitrogen is used. The fabric with the wart is swabbed it and freezes immediately. Thereby, the tissue is destroyed and the wart falls after a few days. The healing process new healthy tissue is produced.
  • Especially in smaller warts electrosurgery can be used very well. Here the wart is treated with electricity, this destroys the tissue and burning the wart away practically. It depends on the wound to no bleeding because the blood vessels are also closed by the same current. Usually this procedure is not particularly painful, it just smells unpleasantly of burned skin.
  • Laser surgery is now being used already in almost all areas, including in the removal of warts. The laser pulse which is held exactly on the wart, destroys the tissue and the wart is gone immediately. Since the engagement, however unpleasant, it is performed under local anesthesia.

Ask your dermatologist what treatment method is easily possible in your case.

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