treat wasp sting on the tongue

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treat wasp sting on the tongue

For allergy sufferers, a wasp sting on the tongue can be life threatening.

If you have any allergy to wasp stings and the stitch rather earlier located on the tongue, clear can usually be given. Nevertheless, it is advisable to drink something cold to safety or to suck a water ice or ice and cool the throat and tongue area in addition from outside. For this is, for example, a cloth dampened with cold water cloth or something similar.

If the wasp sting relatively far back on the tongue or even are deep in the throat, you must immediately make their way to the doctor, because the swelling can close by the wasp sting airways! This is especially true if you have an allergy to wasp stings. Try nevertheless important to remain calm and not to panic or to calm the person, because the swelling of the throat can be accelerated by excessive excitement. Put on the way to the doctor definitely an ice cube or something else cold on the tongue.

Should an allergic shock with nausea or hot flushes or even respiratory arrest occur, you need to consult the doctor immediately. The person concerned must be over ventilated through the mouth or nose into the time of the swelling.

For allergy sufferers, it is generally advisable always dabeizuhaben a first aid kit for such cases in the summer, which is equipped with adrenaline, cortisone and Antihistaminikumpräparaten. Get best add in your medicine cabinet advised.

To protect yourself on the tongue wasp stings, you should either attract to the consumption of sweets and other foods, wasps, renounce outdoors or extra care to be there. Just make your children at the risk of wasp stings attention to the tongue and make sure that they also behave accordingly.

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