Tree felling - so you get a permission from the authorities

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Tree felling - so you get a permission from the authorities

Trees may not be just like in Germany.

The Tree Protection Statute requires cutting down trees

Whether you may cut down trees on your property with or without permission derive firstly on whether your community has adopted a tree protection statutes. Many cities and towns do this with the goal of keeping the areas as possible green.

  • Is there a tree protection statutes, check whether your tree fall under the authorization. Rights are usually trees from a certain trunk circumference and trees that have been planted as a replacement for a tree felled.
  • Excluded from the approval are fruit trees. How and when fruit trees can not be felled, governs federal allotment law.
  • Natural monuments must never be cut, because in this case, the provisions of the tree protection statutes, but the monument protection.
  • Usually you have to pay compensation for the felled tree, so plant a new tree for example, or to make a compensatory payment.
  • You may be able to be free to make a balance of the obligation, if the tree is sick or constitutes a danger to life and limb.
  • The granting of authorization for tree felling of course costs. The costs vary from community to community.

To make the application for wood felling

  • Should the tree be cut down in a forest, the request goes to the Forestry Office, otherwise an administrative authority is responsible. With a quick call can clarify which authority is responsible in each specific case.
  • Threatened a tree to life and limb because he may fall over, simply contact the clerk's office.
  • To obtain a license, you must provide information on the location of the land and the trees. Of course, you also need to justify your request and propose replacement plantings.
  • In spring and summer the cases for welfare reasons is possible only with a special permit.
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